Master in Data Science Course

NSIM Offering complete package of Data Science Course.NSIM is the Best Data Science Institute in Delhi Offering this Course & it includes a structured curriculum that covers a wide range of topics and provides hands-an experience with tools and techniques commonly used in the field of data science.NSlM also supports in Job Placement as well.

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6 Months




Practical Training


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Programme Outcome

You Will Be Able To

  • Apply statistical models to real world problems in meaningful ways
  • Generate visualizations of your data
  • Perform mathematics-based threat hunting on your network
  • Understand and apply unsupervised learning/clustering methods
  • Build Linear Models for Regression & Classification
  • Build AI anomaly detection tools
  • Model information security problems in useful ways
  • Build useful visualization dashboards
  • Understand & able for Model Selection and Evaluation

Who Should Join the Course

  • InfoSec professionals who want to understand Applied Data Science Concepts
  • Professionals desiring to apply data science principles to real world problems
  • Anyone who has tried to learn the basics but can’t figure out how to translate your problem into something that can be solved with machine learning
  • How to effectively visualize data using Python
  • How to pre-process raw security data for machine learning and feature engineering