Businesses all over the world are thriving on the Digital marketing paradigm to get their brands and services heard to their global audience. Digital marketing has become the bloodline of businesses and has long replaced the traditional marketing arena. The scope of digital marketing is spreading all over the world, in countries small and big. Dubai has become one of the thriving marketing zones for digital and online marketing and there is tremendous demand for trained digital marketing professionals in Dubai.

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    Digital marketing training in Dubai is aimed at rendering hands-on training for professionals in different internet marketing modules, to get them competent for the changing market demands. These online courses are mediated by trained and experienced mentors who have decades of experience in digital marketing and are offered at a pace that the trainees are comfortable with.


    Being the number one digital marketing institute in Dubai, the National School of Internet Marketing offers training in every single module of digital marketing along with digital marketing certifications from leading platforms. Our intense curriculum covers a detailed analysis of even the minute concepts of digital marketing and are mediated through interactive sessions for keen understanding and apprehension.

    A career in digital marketing:

    There is a tremendous change in consumer behavior in the way they browse about a product or service before making their purchase decision. People have shifted from television to the internet and the digital medium to search for a product and thus brands have also changed their paradigm from traditional television and radio streaming to marketing in the online sphere. Brands require competent marketers to keep at the forefront of the digital arena. Even the best brands of the world are constantly on the hunt for expert digital marketers to navigate the online world and get their products known to their targets.


    The demand for digital marketers is ever increasing as the possibilities of online business are endless and the market is already crowded. The demand for competent skills and digital marketing talents is always on the rise to cut through the competition. Thus, candidates who excel in Search engine optimization, search engine marketing, content strategy, digital advertising, etc., will be easily able to land in some of the highest paying jobs in Dubai, and all over the world.


    Also, digital marketing has tremendous scope for innovation and manipulation, kindling the thirst for creative fulfillment of the candidates. Thus a career in digital marketing is not just rewarding but is also satisfying. Apart from professionals, looking for a well-paid job, business owners can also join at NSIM the best Digital Marketing Institute in Dubai to equip their skills in online marketing and enhance their home-run business.

    Digital marketing course in Dubai by NSIM:

    The demand for digital marketing is estimated to multiply many times in the coming decades, given that its current demand in 2020 is in millions. As a trained digital marketer, you will always be able to fetch the best jobs in the industry no matter how bad the world economy is hit. You will also be able to make lucrative profits for your own business if you are an entrepreneur or an aspirant. Just by enrolling in an online course in your free time, you will be able to make remarkable improvements in your business on par with the leading brands of the world.


    Our digital marketing course content will enhance your skills in website creation, content marketing, search engine optimization, keyword research, video marketing, Email marketing, SEO, mobile marketing, etc. We throw due to focus on equipping your mind with minute aspects of digital marketing, so that you will find yourself in some of the best jobs all over the world, soon after completion of NISM’s digital marketing course in Dubai.

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      Our course module

      Digital marketing is the process of digitizing the business processes of an organization with the help of online tools in an attempt to take a business within the closest reach of its targets. There is a tremendous demand for online marketing professionals, all over the world as most of the leading organizations are in the constant hunt for trained digital marketers with bulky paychecks. At NSIM, we have delineated our course module perfectly to match the changing demands of the field. We equip our students with expert knowledge on every single aspect of digital marketing so that they are armed with the best knowledge to handle any marketing challenge.

      The digital marketing course at NSIM is divided into specific modules so that students are offered a step by step exposure to the wider digital world. Our affordable digital marketing course modules includes,

      Fundamental Of
      Digital Marketing

      Google Webmaster


      Online Display



      Search Engine

      You Tube

      Web Designing
      Without Coding

      Social Media
      Marketing (SMM)

      Re- marketing



      Digital Marketing
      Interview Prepration

      Social Media

      Earn As A



      Creating Marketing


      GEO International



      Search Engine
      Optimization (SEO)

      Ads (PPC)

      Lead Generation
      For Business

      Online Reputation

      Black Hat

      Case Study

      Local Business

      Why choose NSIM for your digital marketing training:

      NSIM is one of the best digital marketing institutes in Dubai that lays a standard platform for a world of opportunities in digital marketing. After completion of the course, you will be able to build a strong and remarkable career in digital marketing through an understanding of SEO international, SEM, and other digital marketing campaigns.

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      Batches We Have

      We Have Four Options For You to Join Us.

      Regular Batches

      If you're a student and can come on regular basis than you can enroll for a regular batch which is Monday to Thursday, Four days a week.

      Alternate Batches

      Alternate batches are scheduled for three
      days a week as per the
      convenience of the students.

      Weekend Batches

      If you're a business owner or professional having time only on Saturdays and Sundays than weekends batches suits you.

      Sunday Batches

      In case of a busy schedule,
      we also have a Sunday
      batch system. However, you need to discuss the timings with us.


      Our fee structure of the advanced digital marketing course in Dubai is about Dirham 9,99. The fee is for three months of training in the digital marketing course that includes about thirty modules. We will also offer about fifteen digital marketing certifications from Hubspot, Google, and Facebook during the study. NSIM also offers numerous digital marketing tools worth AED 1,099 free during training. These tools include WordPress, SEO Centro, SEO suite, SEO rank watch, Woo Rank, AdWord editor, Screaming software, and HootSuite.

      AED 9,99


      3 Months Training for Advanced Digital Marketing Course (30 Modules) Including 15 Certifications from Google, Facebook, Hubspot.

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      Our Story

      NSIM is one of the best Digital Marketing Institute in South Delhi. This Online Marketing Institute lays a path which leads you to the world of opportunities here you will learn the skills that will be helpful for building a remarkable career in Digital Marketing.

      Digital Marketing Tools Worth AED 1,099 Absolutely FREE


      Woo Rank

      SEO Suite

      Adword Editor

      SEO Centro

      Screaming Software

      SEO Rank Watch

      Hoot Suite

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      About NSIM

      Search engines are the lifeline of corporates in the current era of globalization. Any brand should rule the search engine to get heard on the other side of the horizon and enhance its brand awareness and customer base. The National School of Internet Marketing in Dubai has thoroughly assessed and researched the concept of digital marketing and has entered the arena to create competent digital marketers to enhance the digital strategy of SMEs and big corporates. It designs its courses in such a way that it covers even the smallest aspect of internet marketing and equips its trainees for some of the highest paid jobs in the world. It has in the past trained and placed thousands of digital marketers in different businesses and is all geared up to transform the career of millions of students, professionals, and job seekers.


      NSIM is equipped with some of the best minds and digital marketers in the world and it has armed its courses with the latest technical tools to render hands-on training for the students. It’s 100% practical oriented classes along with placement training and assistance makes it undoubtedly one of the best Digital marketing institutes in Dubai. The courses are designed in such a way that it fits in the busy schedule of all people with the single motto of rendering the highest quality education and training at a very economical rate.


      Join us for a bright and fruitful career. Download our brochure to learn about us better or schedule a free demo session with NSIM today to build your career on digital marketing.

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