10 Digital Marketing Trends to Focus On During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Digital Marketing Trends

Businesses all over the world have shattered in lieu of the COVID-19 pandemic. The stock exchange ratings of the strongest economies of the world are surging to their lowest dip. The only scope and the only hope businesses have amidst this catastrophe is the internet and digital marketing avenues. Luckily some businesses hold on to this trend pretty good and they are doing well and continue to do so in the future as well. For those who are still not sure of how to tap the benefits of digital marketing for their business success, here are the 10 Digital Marketing Trends to focus on during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Top digital marketing trends for businesses amidst COVID- 19:

1. Connect with your audience through social media:

The entire world is breathing in the online sphere these days as they are isolated from the physical world. Differentiate your brand and grab the attention of the audience by spreading social awareness messages or hygiene measures etc.

2. Create interactive content on your website:

Cloud your website with interactive content which by itself serves as a call to action protocol to enhance brand awareness. For example, if you are a soap brand, talk about the importance of handwashing and if you are a food brand, talk about donating food etc.

3. Incorporate AR and VR techniques in digital marketing:

Immersive technologies like augmented and virtual reality will rule the world and it is anticipated that 80% of the enterprises will be deploying them to boost the visual impact of their brands.

4. Strengthen your relationship with the customer:

This is possible by communicating with the end customer and keeping them posted regularly. Be empathetic in your approach and share genuine and real-life stories. Let them know you are thoroughly interested in their wellbeing.

5. Base your marketing communication with empathy:

Digital marketers should infuse a higher dose of empathy in their communication. For example, a recent advertisement of a jewelry brand asking their customers to focus on self-confidence and hard work so that they can buy a lot of jewelry later on.

6. Concentrate on SEO:

Add new content and positive reviews to enhance the SEO rankings of your website even at this tough time. Online reputation management is important to connect with the target audience positively.

7. Show your preparedness:

Let your target customers know that you are taking all measures to sustain and bounce back after the epidemic ends. As always, trust and loyalty are the pillars of any business.

8. Concentrate on digital to-do lists:

Digital marketers should use this time to enhance or redesign the looks of their website and
concentrate on strengthening their roots.

9. Focus on PPC campaigns:

The world is in front of the smart screens, tap this opportunity to connect with the target customers through pay per click campaigns for a competitive advantage.

10. Evaluate appropriately:

Ensure to evaluate all angles of your business, including revenue trends, website traffic, retail traffic, etc. to understand how the pandemic affects the business and how to get over it.


Follow these digital marketing trends for a glimpse of what to do now, to create opportunities, and to mitigate future risks.

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