5 Best Digital Marketing Course Institutes in South Delhi with Placements

5 Best Digital Marketing Course Institutes in South Delhi

Digital marketing is the right choice, if you are looking for quick placement or a quick boost to your marketing career. Luckily there are institutes that offer 100% placement assistance.

Digital marketing offers immense opportunities because everyone needs it. Businesses need digital marketing, and so are non-profit groups, religious organizations, and even socialites need digital marketing professionals. A digital marketing institute in South Delhi can educate you and help you with a lucrative job.

Here’re five digital marketing schools that can make you a professional and provide employment as well

  1. National School Of Internet Marketing (NSIM)

NSIM stands on top of our list. One of the leading institutes, it provides comprehensive courses with multiple advantages. It has 8+ years of trainer experience and business association with top MNCs that provide campus placement to successful students.


Fundamental Course: 2 Months Duration/5 Certifications/Offline Study

Advance Course: 3 Months Duration/15 Certifications/Offline/Live Online

Master Course: 4 Months Duration/15 Certifications/Offline/Live Online

Diploma Course: 1 Year Duration/Offline


  • Internship with companies
  • Live projects
  • Backup Classes
  • 24×7 Support
  • Campus Placement
  • Easy EMI Option

If you are a beginner or just want to get a basic education on digital marketing, you can choose the Fundamental Course that includes a basic understanding of digital marketing, website designing, SEO, blogging Adsense, Google Search Console, Google Algorithms, and Google Analytics. With an NSIM certificate, you can easily get a high-paying job in an MNC. Also, you can get campus placement just before the conclusion of your course. Or you can start your digital marketing service.

  1. Indian Institute of Digital Education (IIDE)

IIDE is one of the prestigious institutions for digital marketing training. If offers three distinctive courses:

  • 4-6 Months Certification
  • 11 Months MBA-level PG
  • Short Term Certification

The courses are so designed that they suit the needs of everyone from beginners to professionals. Also, the duration of the courses is kept at a minimum to facilitate the early start of a career.


Post Graduation Programme in Digital Marketing (Offline On-Campus): An 11-month MBA-level program designed for graduates looking for a quick boost in their careers.

Online Digital Marketing Courses (Advanced + Professional Certification): It includes 2 certification programs for everyone including undergraduates, graduates, entrepreneurs, and influencers.

Short-Term Certification Courses (Videos + Live Online): It is an exclusive training program for entrepreneurs, marketing and sales professionals, and aspiring learners.

Corporate Training Program: Another exclusive program, the training is customized to suit the individual needs of companies.

IIDE is setting new standards in digital marketing training. The digital marketing institute in South Delhi offers a wide range of courses to everyone including individuals and corporate companies. Campus placement is an added advantage of IIDE courses.

  1. Digital Paradize

A team of highly learned and experienced professionals started Digital Paradize to provide quality education to both job seekers and working professionals. Also, the institution offers a multitude of benefits including campus placement.


Digital Marketing Course: A comprehensive training program for budding professionals. It is a certified course offered with 100% job placement assistance.

Bigdata Hadoop Training: Graduates passionate about Big Data technology can make a striking career in Big Data Hadoop. You need to have a passion for problem-solving and an interest in basic Linux commands.

Machine Learning Course: The course includes machine learning, data mining, Artificial Intelligence, Python, data structures, and much more.

Android App Development Course: Become a Google-certified Android developer to build apps like Instagram and WhatsApp.

Website Development Course: The demand for website development is growing and so is the demand for this course. You will learn from certified and experienced trainers.

Digital Paradize is a leading digital marketing institution for higher learning. Also, the institution provides 100% placement assistance. Its students get an opportunity to work with leading MNCs.

  1. Digital Institute Of Digital Marketing (DDIM)

DDIM has centres all across Delhi NCR but its South Delhi campus is more popular. Just like its centres, the institute also offers a wide range of courses:

  • Digital Marketing Science
  • Master in Digital Marketing
  • Advanced in Digital Marketing
  • Professional in Digital Marketing
  • Online Digital Marketing Course
  • Training of Trainers Program
  • Entrepreneur Training Program

Each program is designed to fulfill the increasing demand for digital marketing professionals. Also, the institute keeps its educational programs updated to suit the needs of industries. Also, DDIM boasts the best faculty in the national capital and NCR.

DDIM provides comprehensive training with an assurance of 100% job placement. From here, you can start as a beginner and go on to get advanced and professional-level courses to make a striking career in the industry. Also, DDIM is here to help you at every step.

DDIM also conducts Educational Institutional Program and Corporate Training Program to bring more and more students and professionals to its fold. The institution wants everyone to take advantage of digital marketing.

  1. Avyud Academy of Digital Marketing

The best training centre to learn Digital Marketing, Avyud Academy of Digital Marketing has raised the bar for learning digital marketing. Being a leading institution of learning, Avyud Academy offers a comprehensive course that is way ahead of others.

Advantages of the course:

  • 72 Modules
  • 7 Level Training
  • 100+ Case Studies
  • 150+ Tools
  • 150 Hrs Assignment
  • 10+ Certifications

You can learn digital marketing if you’re

  • An Entrepreneur
  • A Working Professional
  • A Job Seeker
  • A Homemaker
  • A Student

The duration of the course is small but the course contents are comprehensive. The institution has covered all aspects of digital marketing so everyone from a beginner to an experienced professional can take advantage of the course.

Why Ayud Academy

  • Practical Based Training
  • Experienced Faculty
  • Comprehensive Syllabus
  • Best Curated Online Material
  • Multilevel Mentored Learning
  • Regular Assessment & Assignment
  • Case Study & Live Project
  • 100% Placement Assistance

Ayud Academy offers a comprehensive digital marketing course and gives reasons to join the course. In addition to providing the training, it will help you find your first job as well. It will even help if you want to set up your digital marketing company.


A quick job-oriented digital marketing course in South Delhi can skyrocket your career. You will get both education and job assistance from the institute. Also, the institute will help establish your company, if you want to start a digital marketing company.

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