Grow Your Business Organically On Instagram – Just Follow These Tips


It gets difficult for newbie marketers to capture the Instagram market in a short span and they generally land up buying the followers for their business. The reason for this is, they are looking for a confined set of audiences in a short time. However, it is not recommendable to grow your business on Instagram with paid followers. Once you know the appropriate way to grow Instagram followers then, you would be easily able to pinpoint the difference between a paid follower and a real one.

Let us learn more about growing Instagram followers organically to get potential results.

1. Do not compromise on quality – Instagram is a beautiful virtual world where people visit to appreciate creativity. You cannot narrate your story in words on Instagram, you need to depict your story via image. Folks spend time on Instagram to learn about lifestyles and products that inspire them. You should start with a high-resolution image posting that conveys the message to the targeted audience about your brand or personality.

Point to be remembered – do not compromise on the quality of an image, people do not pay attention to poor quality snapshots or images.

2. Paid or organic followers – As per the research and studies conducted on the paid audiences on Instagram concluded these paid accounts are old, inactive accounts or adult content accounts or accounts belonging to silly teenagers. If you buy followers to become popular on Instagram in a short period that will not serve your ultimate business goals.

You get tools in the market to spot accounts that buy followers. The paid followers will not give a trustworthy image to your brand or product or service. Thus, paid followers is a big – “NO NO”.

3. Stand out in the crowd – The images with dull creativity will be just scrolled even if the brand is appreciated by the crowd. You need to use bold colors, creative images, and a unique theme to stand out in the news feed of Instagram.

4. Narrate A Story – You should ensure that you engage your audience with the toxic stories. You can create an attractive storytelling video to grow Instagram organically. Showcase an original creative story to the audience.

5. Set a schedule – Before you set a schedule, you need to try 2-3 different time slots to find the most productive time slot. Like any other social media platform, people browse Instagram during a specific time slot for instance – late evening or during lunchtime. The schedule of a post will merely depend upon your targeted audience, advertising product or service or brand.

6. Maintain your presence – To get more organic followers you need to be present on the Instagram platform every single day. It may be difficult for a few businesses to maintain this consistency but it is very much essential to get productive followers for your brand.

The best digital marketing institute will teach you the most tactful strategies to grow business organically on Instagram. National School of Internet Marketing (NSIM) is one of the best digital marketing institutes in Delhi that will help you bridge the gap between your current Instagram situation and your ultimate business goals.

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