Future Growth of Digital Marketing in India 2021

Future Growth of Digital Marketing

It was formerly estimated that the Indian digital marketing industry will grow at the rate of 35% and its value will increase by 250 billion INR in the year 2020. But, considering the current pandemic situation the world faces and the financial losses that businesses are facing many economists fear the proposed growth of the business sector and the Future Growth of Digital Marketing in India 2021.

But we should say the covid-19 crisis has forced people to stay in the virtual world, isolating themselves from the physical and materialistic existence. Even businesses have to leverage the online platform for marketing their products and services and target their leads from the social media platform and other digital arenas. Many businesses will understand the reality that businesses can thrive better in the online medium than in the physical marketplace. So we can say that the growth of digital marketing in India will enhance many folds, greater than what was anticipated before the break of the epidemic by the year 2021.

Growth trends in digital marketing by 2021 in India:

We can divide our lives into two major parts, such as before Covid-19 and after Covid-19. The outbreak of the pandemic has altered the social attitudes and lifestyle of people and has made significant changes in how people shop and work. People have started to work from home and spend a considerable amount of time online. Thus it is the right time for businesses to gear up their digital marketing tactics to attract as many leads as possible into their sales funnel. There are tremendous opportunities for digital marketers to enhance their business scope by streamlining their digital marketing strategies in tune with the interest of their audience.
achieve this, digit marketers have to do the following:

● They should build a strong social media marketing support for their brand, to maintain links and socialize them.

● They should ensure that they keep their website content up to date to feed their audience with credible and real-time data.

● To safeguard the image of the brand among the common public, brands need to stay empathetic and avoid some hard sales. They should show the people that they care for the world which includes their staff and their clients.

● They should concentrate on a strong SEO strategy and strive to stay ahead of the competition.

Future of digital marketing beyond 2021:

The major problem that the people of India will have to face once the pandemic end is the loss of their jobs. Companies have already started to lay off hundredths of their employees at a stretch.

But the digital marketing industry is expected to create more than 20 lakh jobs as the internet will be the new medium of doing business in the future.

The number of internet users by the year 2021 is expected to reach beyond 820 million. The digital advertising industry will grow at an average of 14% annually and will realize double the growth by the year 2021-22, according to industry experts. Digital services will be accessed by more than 220 million users with the help of their smart devices. Thus we can say that digital marketing has sound and prospective growth beyond the year 2021 in India and all over the world.

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