The Difference Between Static and Dynamic Websites?

A website, plays an extremely major role in creating the image of your business. The funkier/ classier, it would be, with a friendly and easy to access User Interface (UI) the more it will attract visitors and potential buyers as aesthetic values subconsciously attracts people.  There are two types of websites in the real time; Static Websites and Dynamic Websites, they both have their distinct features with a lot to offer to a business and hence it is important to find the right kind of website for ‘your businesses’. In very simple words Static Website is a very simple kind of website created using simple scripts while Dynamic Websites uses complex coding and give results according to the user’s request.  Here is some information about static and dynamic websites that might help you decide which kind of website is most suitable for your business.

STATIC Website

A static website is the simplest form of website available. It is not very fancy or attractive as compared to the dynamic websites as they offer user engagement on a greater level. Static websites tend to have a fixed a number of pages and already fixed themes.

A basic knowledge of website making and a bit of experience is enough for you to create one yourself. These websites do look interesting and could be enhanced in appearance by applying proper codes. The content, colour, pictures, etc. on these sites doesn’t change unless you make changes in the main source code of the page. Making change in these websites require the knowledge of basic scripting languages like HTML, CSS, etc.

A static website doesn’t use a database connection to fulfil the user’s request. In a comparison with the Dynamic website, A static website is highly secure as it works on half duplex approach making it one sided communication, that is server to client.

Since, the static website runs directly on the browser, server application language is not required.

A static website is very easy to maintain as it requires cheap hosting costs and is light weighted. It will only cost you a good deal of money if you’re updating it every now and then with the help of an expensive professional.

A static website is much suitable for you if you have a small business and don’t intent to update your data every now and then. However, it’s rather difficult to find fully static websites these days.


A dynamic website is more of an interactive website. It is extremely common in real time because of its attractive and interactive interface. These are very colourful and dynamic in nature. When you visit a site, you can easily tell that it’s a dynamic siteas a lot is happening on a one page, say there’s a login option, there’s a slider, changing photos, music playing, etc.

A lot of themes and plugins are available for the dynamic webpages to make it much more interesting and interactive.

Creating a dynamic site a complex procedure and you’ll need a professional to help you out with the coding and setting up of the website. It is necessary to have an expertise in the server application languages like Java, Python, Ruby, PHP, Asp.Net , etc. The content on these websites appears as per the client request. Every time a client requests something, the webpages are created dynamically to fulfil the request, unlike static webpages where you manually have to create every single page.

A Dynamic website uses server side programming to handle events, manage sessions, cookies, storing dataand retrieving it back as per the request. Usage of server application languages makes it a structure that uses full duplex approach that means, it allows  two waycommunication that is from client to server and vice versa.

These sites take a while to load as compared to Static websites as they are designed to change the content dynamically using queries in order to process the request. Though this time difference; between the two, may be of just a few seconds.

Dynamic websites are heavy on servers as compared to the static ones, making the hosting costlier for the site. Seeking professional help is extremely necessary to get the site work according to your will.

A dynamic website could work wonders for businesseslike e- commerce, where it is required to change the content of the pages very frequently.

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