5 Best Digital Marketing Courses in Delhi with Placement

5 Best Digital Marketing Courses in Delhi with Placement

There are many people who wish to learn digital marketing courses in Delhi as this is the most demanding platform now. In all sectors, the digital platform is vastly used, and therefore, this is something that cannot be ignored by professionals. Through the digitized platform, you stay in touch with your customers, relatives, co-workers, and media. The impact of digitalization can be seen prominently in marketing, products, and businesses.

Almost all types of businesses whether it is small, medium, or large business organizations, use the digital network to interact with their targeted customer base. The digital platform has made it easier for people to find the required products and services. The customer service department of the companies also stays available to address the queries of customers and thereby offer them the best solution. At present, more than 2.3 billion registered customers are available on social networking sites and therefore, social networking has become an important tool for marketing purposes.

If you want to be a digital professional, you should keep yourself updated with the latest digital trends. The market is changing constantly and what you have done in the last few years may not work successfully now. Therefore, keeping yourself updated with the latest trends is necessary.

If you are searching for the best digital marketing course in Delhi with a placement that will teach you the basics of digital marketing then you have landed at the right place. here, in this blog, you will come to know about the five best digital marketing courses in Delhi with placement. Here, you will get to learn social media marketing techniques, google analytics, SEO strategy, conversation rate, website optimization, and much more.

The digital marketing courses offered by top institutes in Delhi also provide internship training in reputed companies. Apart from hands-on technical knowledge, digital marketing internships also help students in gaining insight into how things work in a corporate place. The best digital marketing courses allow students to gain real-world experience as well as understand the dynamism of this digital SEO platform.

Five best digital marketing courses in Delhi with placement

1. National School of Internet marketing 

It is probably the best digital marketing institute in South Delhi. This marketing institute offers a path that leads your career to a whole new world of opportunities. Here, at this place, you will get to learn new skills that prove helpful for you in building a promising career in the field of digital marketing.

Courses offered by NSIM 

It offers the most advanced level of digital marketing courses for business owners and entrepreneurs. Not only business owners but also the young generation can benefit a lot from their offered courses. This training program is mainly offered to make them familiar with each and every aspect of digital marketing. Through this course, business owners can understand how their business can gain benefits from digital marketing. The best part of this course is that you can make your acquainted with various digital marketing techniques and can manage your business digitally. By completing a digital marketing course from NSIM, you can avail a certificate that will prove very much useful for you to avail lucrative career opportunities in multinational companies.

2. Chetan Chauhan Institute – master in Digital marketing 

This is an institute that offers one of the best digital marketing courses in Delhi. They have transformed the careers of more than 6000 entrepreneurs, company operators, and learners having more than 10 years of experience in online educational methods. From basic level digital marketing techniques to advanced level digital marketing courses, their offered courses cover all aspects. Let’s have a look at the courses offered by them –

  • Content marketing
  • Search engine optimization
  • Social network advertising
  • Website design and innovation


This is one of the best institutes in Delhi offering digital marketing courses. The institute is known for offering the highest quality and greatest online digital marketing courses. IIDE has been recognized as India’s best eLearning institute by the country’s honors and academic conference. They are expanding globally now and also increasing their benchmark.

Courses offered by IIDE include

  • Ecommerce advertising course
  • Search engine optimization course
  • Search engine marketing course
  • Adwords course
  • Advanced content creating and marketing

4. Delhi Courses

One of the best digital marketing courses offered in Delhi is by Delhi courses. They provide Competence training at a reasonable price. Till today, they have trained over 1200 pupils in just 150 batches. They are dedicated enough to offering high-quality training and provide one of the best online advertising programs.

Their offered courses include 

  • Online advertising
  • E-commerce advertising
  • Search engine marketing
  • Affiliate advertising

5. Simplilearn Digital Marketing Course

This is a well-known and popular digital marketing course in Delhi that offers many online advertising programs. They bring the best talent to the digital marketing industry by offering practical learning solutions through various digital marketing qualifications and programs.

Their offered courses include:

  • Search engine optimization
  • Pay per click advertising
  • Social networking
  • Data analysis
  • Mobile advertising
  • Online marketing
  • Masterclass in online advertising


The core concepts of digital marketing include SEO, PPC, and social media. While choosing the best digital marketing course in Delhi, make sure it covers all these important aspects.

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