Digital Marketing Course in Delhi: Things You Must Learn


When taking up a digital marketing course in Delhi, you need to ensure you’re learning the most important things relevant in the marketplace today. Some courses, like the one offered by DSIM, last long cover every aspect of digital marketing. But you, as a learner, should focus on the foundation and the critical topics that will get you ready to join the workforce.

Here are top five things you must learn in your course:


SEO, abbreviated for Search Engine Optimization, is the most important thing to learn in a digital marketing course. It is the process of ranking websites on the Search Engine Results Page or SERP for given keywords. If someone searches for “spa near me”, then with SEO-optimized web pages, your spa business will rank at the top. Not only is this traffic organic, but free. The searcher is looking for you and might end up becoming your customer.

PPC Marketing

PPC stands for Pay-per-click. Almost all internet ad networks like Google Adwords, Bing Ads, Taboola work on PPC models. You run an ad, and if someone clicks on them, you need to pay. This is the fastest way to generate leads for any business if done correctly. Therefore, your clients may ask you to run highly-effective PPC campaigns for them. During your digital marketing course, you should get yourself acquainted with:

  • How to set up a PPC campaign
  • How to set up conversion tracking
  • How to Budget your campaign
  • How to analyze results

Social Media Marketing

In this day and age, social media is dominating TV, print, and radio. Companies realize this shift and are actively looking for professionals who can handle their social media activity. In the SMM module, you’ll learn a great deal of things starting from how to optimize business accounts to how to generate leads.

At the bare minimum, you should understand how to market in three platforms:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter

For B2B accounts, you can learn LinkedIn.

Also you’ll need to learn how to run ads within each social media platform. Ads management and analysis is an important topic you should touch upon.

Email Marketing

Email marketing may sound old-fashioned to you, but it’s super effective. One study by Direct Marketing Association revealed that every $1 spent on email marketing efforts generated $40 in revenue. So that level of ROI is really hard to ignore.

In your digital marketing course in Delhi, you should learn how to segment subscribers, how to write ad copies, how to track conversion, and how to re-market.


Last but not the least, you should learn how to prepare reports your boss or clients can understand.

Reports help someone realize the effectiveness of the campaign. For every marketing type, there will be a different report. So you should learn how to create a SEO report, email marketing report, PPC report and a unified report tying everything together.

At NSIM, we cover every module of digital marketing in-depth. At the end of the course, you’d have become a market-ready professional competent in every digital marketing tactic.

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