How Much a Digital Marketer Earn in India?

We are living in a digital world and hence digitization has become an intrinsic part of our lives. The last decade has seen a move to the digital world and everyone is choosing it to earn their livelihood. Whether you speak of India, the US or Europe, a digital marketing person has a good scope to earn all over.

The newer inventions and technologies in digital marketing are not going to finish anytime faster and with the augment in the skill, the income of a digital marketer is also growing. The only thing to remember is that one needs to be updated and make use of one’s knowledge at the correct time for the right person.

Responsibilities of a Digital Marketer

The digital marketing course will offer comprehensive insights into the responsibilities of a digital marketer in the present scenario.

  • The main aim of a digital marketing executive is to engage himself with the assistance of the digital space to the mass crowd and endorse the targeted service/product/brand.
  • It is his liability to maintain a web presence on search engines such as Google and Bing of the website/ brand thus establishing the brand’s reputation and increase sales or leads.
  • He needs to keep updated with relevant problems, newer technologies and the latest news on the web.
  • To establish a reputation with the help of social media handles like Facebook, Twitter, etc. Besides this, the other jobs will include SEO keyword maintenance, website design, maintaining newsletters, and keep advanced with the newsletters.

Digital Marketer salary in India

In India, digital marketing salary is known for handsome packages at senior positions. Digital Marketing Manager’s salary in India is almost thrice than that of a fresher Digital Marketing Executive.

At the senior level, the force is more on supervision and strategizing of the plan implementation.

The Rationale for High Salaries

The entry-level salary in the field of digital marketing is high, especially when compared to other industries in the online marketing industry. Digital marketers are essential for brands in running marketing campaigns. They know the methods to target and persuade prospective consumers hanging around in online hubs that conventional marketing tools are unable to unlock. Brands see the expense for digital marketers in terms of online marketing salary as an investment than expenses.

As per an HR official, a lack of skilled people at the entry-level is a truth in the digital marketing sector. Hence, the digital advertising salary of fresher’s is kept at a high in the range of Rs 12, 000 to 17, 000 where a salary revision in eight months takes it to 18–25 thousand.

There is an agreement among industry specialists that the responsibility of demanding high digital marketing career salary rests with the individuals in India. The digital marketing starting salary is no benchmark to decide how much a person will be earning as he develops in the career.

The formula for hefty digital advertising salary is to stand up to the demands named by the agreed role. Hefty internet marketing jobs salary recompenses inventive experts and knowledge seekers led in novelty.

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