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best digital marketing course in Delhi

The National School of Internet Marketing is located in Delhi which is the best digital marketing institute in the country. NSIM has helped thousands of students to build successful careers in the digital marketing field. 

The institute you are trained from plays a major role in shaping you as a strong professional and provides you with the right skill-set to turn into the person you dream of. NSIM is here to give you the best digital marketing course in Delhi which will give you the right training and education so that you thrive. 

About the Courses Offered by NSIM

The digital marketing courses offered by NSIM are divided into 30 modules which are conducted for a duration of 3 months. They offer more than 20 specializations to choose from according to your field of interest. 

The courses offered by NSIM is suitable for everyone and students can choose from the following batches according to their convenience:

  • Regular Batches
  • Alternate Batches
  • Weekend Batches
  • Sunday Batches

Fee structure:

People can choose from the following two methods of payment.

  1. One Time Payment: Rs. 25000 + 18% GST
  2. 3 Months EMI: Rs. 32000 + 18% GST


Given below are the factors that make NSIM most suitable for anyone looking for the best digital marketing course in Delhi

  • Regular doubt sessions, quizzes and tests are taken so that the students can assess themselves. 
  • They conduct mock interviews for job preparations.
  • The course is designed to be 100% practical and goal-oriented. 
  • Students are given digital marketing tools worth Rs. 21000 for free.
  • Students receive a total of fifteen certificates from top MNCs such as HubSpot, Google, Facebook, etc. on completion of the course. 
  • NSIM also provides free demo classes for which the students can sign up from their website.

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