Role of Translation in Digital Marketing in Dubai


When you’re learning digital marketing in Dubai, you must be wondering what is the role of translation in it. Dubai’s official language is Arabic, but on the internet, most of the content is in English. So how do translating English to Arabic and vice versa will affect digital marketing?

Translation for digital marketing

Translating your website from English to Arabic or the other way around is preferred. Many searchers might be searching in local languages. So by translating your website content, you’ll be able to secure higher ranking in search engines for regional language searches.

Many digital marketing institutes in Dubai do not include translation as a curriculum. Therefore, this is something you need to learn on your own. Sign up for a certification course online and teach yourself. Upon completion, you can showcase translation on your resume.

Localization for digital marketing

Localization is often confused with translation. But both the concepts are different. Localization refers to creating content for local audiences. Translation, on the other hand, consists of merely translating the content word by word. Therefore, you can conclude localization is the higher form of translation and hence adds more value.

Localization involves changing words to suit the local language and dialect, using metaphors used by the local community, and creating images that resonate with the local audience. In other words, every web content should be catered towards the local niche audience.

Top digital marketing institutes in Dubai offer guidance on localization and how to create a strategy for it.

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