7 SEO Tools for Better YouTube Marketing

Youtube is one of the most popular video marketing platform. Here are some tools you can use to enhance the marketing and generate fairly good revenues.

YouTube Search Filters

Using YouTube’s inbuilt search engine, you can find videos similar to yours and get a better idea on what’s popular with the people. This will also help you get a good hold on the direction, you wish to go in. You can get a better idea of top-ranking keywords for your specific niche and examine the descriptions, tags, thumbnails, etc., of the similar to yours and understand the reason for their higher ranking. This feature also allows you to sort the videos by date, by a certain keyword, etc. so you get a proper idea on what’s in!

YouTube Search Auto-Suggest

While using YouTube as an advertising or revenue generating platform, one needs to understand that visitors search differently on YouTube as compared to Google. People tend to search with longer titles. ‘How to’ being very common. Starting new on YouTube means low chances of ranking high for the big keywords in your niche. YouTube’s search auto-suggest feature can  make it easy for you to find long-tail keywords in your niche resulting in better ranking and diverting traffic on your site. Typing a short-tail keyword will help you get a list of specific, long-tail keywords that people often search the most.


SerpStats is a tool that helps you find keywords and can give an in-depth insight into what your competitors are doing, which helps your video rank high in search. It also helps you discover what people are probably looking for and comes up with keywords that help you being found. It also lets you compare your performance with your competitors and sends you automatically generated reports. SerpStat also gives you access you to the questions people are searching online that are related to your expertise which helps you in creating a content that answers those questions and get your YouTube video appear on the first page, when people specifically search for that question.

The other helpful features of SerpStats are:

  • Keywords for SEO and PPC campaigns which allows you to collect profitable keywords for your niche that could rank and these keywords can help you to promote your video in Google search.
  • Determine the value of keywords, thishelps youdetermine the value of your keywords and measure key metrics, such as cost-per-click, competition level in Google, search volume, etc. This way, you can figure out the keywords that have low competition and high search volume and use them more often.
  • Get long-tail keyword recommendations. It helps you getting traffic from high-volume, low-competition sources, as well as from lower volume terms that are used mostlyin the field of expertise you work in.This will generate and target more traffic to your video.
  • Analyze keyword trend, helps you understand the use of a specific keyword and its popularity. You can get a better understanding by analysing search patterns and see what is trending when, this will ultimately help you in creating better advertisements and campaigns.
  • Analyze web page relevancyhelps youdiscover which of your YouTube videos is more relevant to a specific search result and compare it with other competitors so you can tailor your pages in a way that helps with search results.

Google Plus/Explore

Google Explore gives you a better understanding of keywords relating to your base, show you slang and user-generated content that is similar to yours, and relevant trends. This gives you an idea of the conversations that might be taking place among you audience and helps you create content that is trendy, time-sensitive and more likely to be searched for in both Google and YouTube. You can use popular hashtags to tag your YouTube videos in order to increase the traffic.


It is a business dashboard that lets you manage all your content marketing data in one place. It also lets you create custom dashboards. It makes it easier to monitor things like:

  • Social media. You can keep a track of mentions of your company on social platforms, Twitter followers you’ve gained over time, Facebook demographics, and much more.
  • Marketing, you can monitor your e-mail, SEO, SEM, social media, and analytics in the marketing dash board.
  • Client reporting, it allows automatic reporting to clients by bringing all client data within one dashboard.
  • Web analytics, lets you keep a track of multiple websites, top referring domains, search engines, SEO keyword rankings, etc.
  • Finance, keeps a track of your business expenses, company revenue, balances, etc.
  • Sales, you can see top sales goals, find the new opportunities, and newly acquired customers in your sales dashboard.
  • Project Management, Your project management portal, gives you  a quick overview of your latest projects, tasks, etc.
  • IT, letsnd other IT metrics in one place. you monitor your website uptime, server load, app performance, a


Vidiq is a paid tool that helps business owners build a loyal audience through YouTube. It also helps you increase your tag library by 10x in less time so you can get discovered easily, suggests tags so your video appear in ‘related searches’. It has larger data on keyword insights and tell you the difficulty level for gaining a rank for a particular word which  helps you decide if it’s worth trying or not.


TubeBuddy is a Chrome extension helps manage your YouTube channel. It offers optimization, promotion, and management tools on every video uploaded on your channel along with advanced analytics tools to help you optimize your SEO.

It also shows you video tags that you’re already ranking in and suggest tags that you should use in future videos to rank

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