The Top Digital Marketing Course in South Delhi

digital marketing course in south Delhi

Delhi became the national capital of India and is home to several good institutions that provide a wide range of courses. Among these, Delhi is also home to the National School of Internet Marketing which offers top digital marketing courses in south Delhi. NSIM is better than any other institutes for several reasons. Thousands of students have learned digital marketing from NSIM and are thriving in their careers.

The role an institute plays in shaping you as a skilled professional is underrated. People need to realize the importance of the right institutions so that they can learn from the best educators and get the most out of their digital marketing journey. 

About the Course

The courses offered by NSIM is structured into 30 modules which are conducted for 3 months. These modules are designed in such a way that it provides practical knowledge and the right methods to overcome the challenges faced. The faculty members are experienced and highly skilled who provide ample support to their students. 

There are more than 20 specializations to choose from according to the interest of the student. Students receive 15 certifications after completing the course from top MNCs like Google, etc. NSIM offers their excellent courses at a very affordable price point which is can be paid in two ways as given below:

One-Time Payment: Rs. 25000 + 18 % GST

3 Month EMI: Rs 32000 + 18% GST

They also provide mock interviews, live online projects, online backup classes and live online training sessions to their students. Apart from all these students are offered digital marketing tools worth Rs. 21000 for free. 

So, if you are looking for the top digital marketing course in south Delhi then the National School of Internet Marketing is the right place for you.

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