10 Amazingly Useful Google Services & Tools You Should Know About

Google is one of the ever evolving and most famous brands. It never stops experimenting and surprising us with its services and products. Some of the most popular and useful services that can help a lot with marketing process are:

1) Gmail

No one is unaware of Google-mail aka G-mail. G-mail is the one of the most popular mail service. It is no surprise it has already passed a Billion users. It’s easy UI (User Interface) and liberty to manage it according to your own preferences made it popular. With one G-mail account, one can simply access Blogger, Google+, Chrome , YouTube, etc.You can also ‘Hangout’ with up to 10 friends at a time on a video call.  Everything is available to you with just one account. No need to remember the passwords!

2) YouTube

YouTube is again something we all know. You’ll find everything from making a cup of tea to building a rocket here! This amazing site has helped a lot of people earning their bread and butter along with fame and popularity.  On the user’s end it is a tool to learn a lot of new things without investing anything but time. You can simply get the feed backs in the comments section. There are different criteria that help generating revenue via YouTube, one of which is to become partner with YouTube and linking your Adsense account with it.

3) Chrome Browser

Chrome browser is the most used browser because of the easy UI and quick loading speed. It surpassed Mozilla Firefox’s popularity, which was then the most used browser for surfing the internet.

4) Google Drive

Google Drive provides you with a 15 Gb Cloud storage service. You can buy additional space later if you want. To avail Google Drive’s storage you can simply log into to your G-mail and go to drive.google.com or it will be automatically uploaded while mailing if your file is larger than 25 mb.

5)Google Adsense

Adsense is an advertisement service that helps you generate revenue by displaying advertisements on your site, YouTube channel or blog. To publish advertisements on your site, blog or channel, you’ll need to have an adsense account linked. Most of the advertisements you see online are associated with Adsense. Though you’ll have to follow certain guidelines laid by the Adsense while availing the service.

6) Blogger

Blogger is Google’s blogging platform. It is simply accessible from G-mail. It supports about 60 languages and provides a unique country specific blogger address making it easier for the related traffic to reach the blog. It also gives a user friendly dash board and inbuilt statistics. With its theme gallery, one can easily change the appearance of the blog accordingly.

7) Google Analytics

Google analytics shows the statistics of your page in detail, which includes how many people have visited your page, average reading time, bounce rate, where the traffic is coming from , etc.

8) Google Translate

Google translate as it suggests simply detects and translates sentences from any language to any language available in the database. Currently there are about 103 languages in Google translate. However, the translation cannot be considered completely accurate since it’s editable by the visitors; it can give a rough idea about the content. It’s ‘pronunciation’ feature makes it easier to learn a new word or just to understand a word.

9) Google Scholar

Google scholar is a site where you can find credible resources on any topic from books, researches and even patents. This site is strictly educational and is much more trust-worthy; unlike Wikipedia, the articles on this site can’t be edited or updated by anyone who’s just visiting.

10) FieldTripper

FieldTripper is an app that is most useful while travelling.  It gives you the location based information. It tells you random facts about the place from the history to culture to architectural information.

11) Google Maps

Google maps’ is a satellite provided service that helps you in navigating the routes and real time traffic conditions. It also gives you estimated time required to reach the destination by different means like trains, four wheelers, two wheelers, flights and on foot.

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