What is Unique About NSIM Courses?


Digital marketing has become more like an essential skill to possess in today’s world when businesses, organizations, individuals and services are thriving with just a little amplified engagement from internet users. The skill is not only in demand, but also extremely coveted. And when all of us are looking for an institute to take an industry-standard digital marketing course in, the name “NSIM courses” pops up right away.

National School of Internet Marketing (NSIM) offers courses which are unlike any other digital marketing course in Delhi. It is unique in more ways than one, resulting in their students benefiting from their courses in the form of internship opportunities, fully fledged jobs, valuable certifications, and most importantly, extensive experience.

Here’s what is unique about NSIM courses:

  • The mentors and trainers are extremely approachable and possess intensive knowledge about their subject matter: digital marketing. Professionals with industry experience and great track record of the trade, provide mentorship to students across Delhi to become seasoned digital marketers not only in India, but across the globe.
  • Projects are built into the structure of the course so that students get real-world experience while they’re still learning! Learning happens best through experience and the mentors at NSIM courses understand that. Managing SEO and PPC for several real projects would give students a way better idea about the tricks and plays of the world of digital marketing more than any textual learning can.
  • NSIM is a leading digital marketing institute with several credentials under its belt. It doesn’t fall short in delivery either, having trained 1000+ students in digital marketing over a course of 2 years, with real projects and exposure to the industry.
  • Landing a job after taking any one of the NSIM courses is cakewalk since the institute collaborates with renowned companies that house and nurture their students’ talents generously.
  • Not only does NSIM provide a licensed certificate on behalf of the institute, but also, trains students to ace certification courses like Google Adwords, Google Analytics, and Bing certifications to amp up their portfolios.


The best thing about NSIM is their value and integrity: they do not have any eligibility criteria and believe in training everyone who wishes to master digital marketing with them!

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