Five SEO Mistakes that are Hurting your Brand


Search engine optimization is the strategy of getting your brand to rank high at the search engine and is undoubtedly the lifeline of an online business. Apart from having an exceptional product, amazing content, and a clear brand mission, businesses should have a good dose of optimization to shine in the digital world. Though most of them optimize this strategy, some brands fail to. Here are the common Five SEO Mistakes that are Hurting your Brand without your knowledge.

Five SEO Mistakes that are Hurting your Brand

1. Are you incorporating appropriate images into your content?

Reading plain content can be boring for the audience and it is important to club it with appropriate images to represent the idea better. Images grab the first glimpse of the audience and engage with them better than words. Choose a clear, enticing, and a visually appealing image that is compatible over multiple platforms and screens to optimize your content. Do not forget to concentrate on the image size and format as well.

2. Not using hashtags on social media posts

At times you create exceptional content with ambient images, but still lack a boost in your audience engagement or referral traffic. The problem lies in the way you advertise the content on social platforms. Use relevant hashtags, sometimes a good number of them to help your audience gain instant and immediate access to the content that interests them. You will see your SEO ranking gaining a good boost in no time.

3. Are you using appropriate keywords?

Many digital marketers misinterpret the importance of keywords in influencing the otherwise complex SEO algorithm. The common mistakes that they commit with the keywords are keyword stuffing, using the wrong keywords, and optimizing one or two keywords and leaving the rest. And the biggest mistake of all they create a new landing page to rank each keyword in an attempt to optimize them. All these mistakes do no good for the content but end up attracting penalties from Google.

4. Ignoring the website:

Most digital marketers concentrate on the look of their website but completely ignore its working mechanism. It is mandatory to equip the website to be fast, secure, multi-device compatible, and optimized to rank high at search engines. Most of the users expect every page of the website to open in less than three seconds, even if they are opening it from their mobile phone. The patience level of online consumers is declining fast and thus, it is important to monitor how best the
website functions as well along with its ambience.

5. Not bothering about website analytics:

It is absolutely of no use if you are not tracking all your SEO efforts on your website by using the appropriate analytics. The right tracking will throw due light on the

● Number of visitors for your webpage,
● Web Page bounce rates,
● The average time that visitor spent on the website,
● The webpages that generate the most leads etc.


It is not just optimizing your SEO strategy, but avoiding SEO mistakes that get your website rank high at search engines. By avoiding such mistakes, you can be sure to gain a competitive advantage and rank high at search engines.

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