Is Digital Marketing a Good Career in 2021?


If an individual student or professional wants to pursue a digital marketing course in Delhi one of the first questions that come to their mind, is Digital marketing a good career in 2021? The estimation of the digital marketing industry to rise in India in the year 2020 was estimated to increase by 35%. This would have made digital marketing an INR 250 billion industry.

The projections although have been affected greatly due to the Covid 19 pandemic in India as well as all over the world due to the huge financial losses that the businesses have faced due to lockdowns. Even though the business situation seems grim, the opportunities of the virtual and technological-based internet world has risen by leaps and bounds. Most businesses realized the capabilities of the internet and its power to leverage businesses over the internet and social media.

Ecommerce companies like Amazon have made $4 billion in profits in the last quarter which is one of the biggest clients of digital marketers to market their products. Most businesses especially retail have started shifting towards e-commerce and thus creating bigger opportunities

for digital marketers all over the world as well as in India. This interest of businesses towards the power of the internet and e-commerce would require hundreds of digital marketers to handle the pressure of marketing for small, medium, or multinational enterprises.

The changing attitudes of the customers towards online shopping and services have pushed the businesses to move towards the internet medium. Thus digital marketing course in Delhi would be an apt choice for the students or professionals in the future to make a career in digital marketing.

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