5 Keyword Research Tools For Video Marketers

Keyword research tools for video marketers

Keywords is the most essential part of the Digital Marketing. It plays a major role in making your SEO strong and reaching out to people and hence researching keywords is a primary process. Researching keywords gives you an idea on what is trending in specific areas on specific occasions or times. It also helps you analyse response of the keywords in those specific times. To optimize your website, you need to find the right keywords that match your content.
The process of researching keywords can be divided into four steps:

Identify Keywords > Check Keywords > Check Competition > Re check keywords

To understand and determine the right keywords, you’ll have to analyse your site and content first and then decide some keyword goals for it. It’s advisable to use long tailed keywords along with main keywords that are promising and less competitive. The less is the competition, the better are your chances of higher ranking. Next step is to understand the needs of your target audience, for that you’ll have to analyse and research what your potential audience is looking for. After you’ve figured out the keywords, next task is to analyse you competitors. See what keywords are they using and how much traffic are they getting. You can start this research with learning from the top most competitor of your niche. And the next process is to find and use the professional keywords that expand you key word list.

Below are mentioned some of the best Keyword research tools that will help you enhance your Keyword list, check competition, analyse audience and find proper keywords for your business. These tools are majorly recommended for the Video marketers, but can be used by Non- video marketers as well to improve SEO. SEO is something that even works for the ranks of videos too. If you put on a proper description in the ‘description box’, your video is likely to show up on the first page of google!

These are the tools, you must try:

YouTube’s Autocomplete Feature

This feature was added in May 2008. The main idea is to make search easy for YouTubers. This Autocomplete feature suggests you possible results you’re looking for while typing in a sentence. For example if you go to the ‘search bar’ of YouTube and type ‘How to’ it’ll suggest all the possible things you could be looking for, making it easier for the user to find the required content.

Google Trends

Google Trends allows you to see popular search queries and explore traffic patterns over time ranges and locations. A new feature YouTube Search was introduced by Google trends in March 2013. It is another great tool to understand video trends as it gives you all the data from 2008. To access this feature you’ll have to visit Google Trends first. Then to search data, you’ll have to enter the words you want the information about separated by commas. You can add up to five words. After you’ve typed the words, click “Web Search” which is on the top of the page. After you’ve clicked on web search, choose “YouTube search” after that you can click on Worldwide and select from a variety of countries. You can click on “2008 to present” and select dates you want to explore videos from. “All Categories” lets you and select content from a variety of categories.

YouTube Trends

YouTube Trends is a set of tools released in December 2010 is designed to help YouTubers stay on top of the latest popular videos and trend on YouTube, which is the world’s largest video site. YouTube trends features highlights on trending topics and videos generated by algorithms. It also offers a “Top videos” module and a blog that contains in-depth study of videos, trends, news and cultural phenomena. Trends Dashboard is another feature of YouTube that lets you explore popular trends in the different cities of different countries across the globe as well as within specific demographic groups.

Google Adwords Keyword Planner

Google Adwords Keyword planner is the most popular tool available for researching the keywords. To access this tool an Adwords account is necessary. It gives you the information on the average search volumes, and relative competition for each keyword phrase you type. The important points to remember while using keyword planner are (I) The data is relevant for all Google searches and not just the video and (II) Keyword Planner is designed for paid ad campaigns and not for organic searches. The information generated from the Keyword Planner is very valuable for video SEO. This gives you an idea of popularity of particular phrases in average search volumes while ‘low’ competition gives you a general idea of terms which can be used for higher rankings. Such information is most required while using embedded videos to increase the SEO value of your webpage.

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